High-Frequency Spring Probe Contacts

Spring-loaded fine pitch, high-frequency electrical contact systems. Standard products for Automated Test applications and OEM / ODM solutions for custom development projects.

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Manufacturing Contactors, Sockets and ATE Probe Towers

Pioneering new solutions for next-generation technologies. Decades of real applications allow us to develop cost-effective solutions for difficult problems.

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IC Test Sockets
for High Frequency, Fine-Pitch,
High-Power Applications

We engineer and manufacture test sockets to interface with Pick and Place, Turret, Gravity Feed and Strip Test Handlers.


* High Frequency IC Test Sockets
* Kelvin Contact IC Test Sockets
* High Power IC Test Sockets
* IC Test Socket Design and Manufacturing

Test Socket Information

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Recent Applications

These are designs Signal Integrity has introduced at our partners and customers. Very high pin count, high frequency, precision machining, Kelvin fine pitch and high current applications are our...
This design was conceived and executed to test Very high current SOT devices. It operates above 800 amps for pulsed current and 400 amps continuous current. It uses Signal Integrity High current E5533 Pd...
Signal Integrity built this Kelvin socket for characterization. It has 0.35 mm Kelvin pitch pins at each location and note the asymmetrical grid which test the precision and accuracy of our machining...
0.5 mm pitch BGA Hand Test Socket with lid using Slot fit interposer board for Engineering characterization and burn in.
15 Amp Power Module handler and hand test socket setup using vertical probes for QFN pads and center array pads
  50 Ohm matched impedance board to board connector, 3 mm height 20 GHz Bandwidth
Vespel, PEEK ceramic, PhotoVeel, Torlon, Ultem are all available from Signal Integrity to fit your application
High volume handler socket for 0.4 mm pitch Optical Converter with DC Kelvin measurement ports
2011 pin 0.65mm pitch LGA socket for high power high frequency SOC device used for handler test.
Handler Socket for 800 Amp Power Block
Socket to lower cost of rocker pin supplier with vertical probe pins for QFN test
Example 0.8 mm pitch that operates at 37 GHz with greater than 6 amps of current capability
Hand test socket to verify WSCLP test at 0.2 mm pitch
Large Library of proven Hand Test Lids
0.4 mm BGA Hand Test Socket
0.3 mm pitch WSCLP die probe fixture

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